Energy Saving Tip of the Month
by Dennis White Maintenance Dept.

A typical 1500 watt space heater can cost as much as $160.70 a month or more in electricity if left on high 24/7.

Tests were performed on a 1500 watt space heater with a small fan built in.  A $15-$25 unit easily found at discount stores.  On the high setting it was found to use 1325 watts of power.  It would cost $141.95 a month to heat a 12' x 25' room.  $4.73 a day or 19.7 cents per hour.

Using the same size room, I tested an oil filled radiant heat heater.  It was found to use more power at 1420 watts, but it would actually turn off on its own - lowering the cost to operate.  It would cost $121.97 a month or $4.06 per day, or 16.9 cents per hour.

This is the cost of only one electric heater.  Electric heaters can have a huge impact on your electric bill.  They are an inefficient form of heating.  Use them sparingly.

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